Bell County Regional Compost Facility

12302 State Highway 195

Killeen, TX 76542

Ph 254-501-3206

Fax 254-501-4429

About Us

Bell County Regional Compost Facility was born out of the need to find an environmentally friendly way to dispose of Bell County Water Control and Improvement District No.1's bio-solids and the City of Killeen's brush.  The answer was the Bell County Regional Compost Facility.  The facility, which opened its doors in August 2011, combines the bio-solids and chipped brush to form windrows.  Natural biological processes breakdown the material in the windrows to form compost.  Once the composting process is complete, the compost is screened to create the fine textured compost called Bio Loam.  Some of the Bio Loam is mixed with top soil to create the Bio Select product.  During the screening process, not all of the material will fit through the screener, which creates the Bio Mulch product.  See the Products page for usage suggestions for all three of the products.

To minimize trash and unwanted items in our product, the composting process is conducted on a huge concrete slab and the compost is also stored on concrete.  This also allows for easy pickup for all sizes of vehicles including trucks, trailers and commercial vehicles regardless of what the Texas weather is like on any given day.

Below are some pictures of our facility