Bell County Regional Compost Facility

12302 State Highway 195

Killeen, TX 76542

Ph 254-501-3206

Fax 254-501-4429

We have several products to meet your needs.  Current prices, which are subject to sales tax, are as follows: 

Product                     Price per Cubic Yard

BioSelect                              $ 19

BioLoam                              $ 15  

BioMulch                             $ 10

Wood Chips                          $ 8

Self Serve                             $ 10 per trip

(Only for cars, SUV's, vans or trucks with camper shells or permanent top. Must provide own bags or containers)

Checks and all major credit cards accepted.  NO CASH PLEASE.

Price Break per Cubic Yard For Purchases 

Over 50 Cubic Yards

BioSelect                             $ 15

BioLoam                              $ 12  

BioMulch                              $ 6   

Wood Chips                          $ 4   

(All material must be removed from facility within 48 hours of purchase)

Checks and all major credit cards accepted.  NO CASH PLEASE.



Bio Loam

This is fine textured compost that can be used for lawns, gardens, plants and trees. It will also rejuvenate and re-condition soil. It is a medium to dark brown color.

Bio Mulch

This is the overs from screening the Bio Loam compost.  This product helps keep moisture in the roots of trees and can also be used in beds around trees, shrubs and large plants. It is dark in color and the texture is similar to woody mulch.

Bio Select

This is a mixture of Bio Loam compost and sandy loam topsoil. It is great for gardens and fillers for the yard.   The soil will fill in small holes and the compost will feed the grass to get it growing. Bio Select is a medium to dark color and is fine in texture.